Dating a parker pipe

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Dating a parker pipe

Since the last issue, I found an additional reference to Lowland town pipers, in Grattan Flood’s, , (1911), page 67, which I’d like to share: “With reference to the burgh or town pipers, whose office was, as a general rule, hereditary, Mr.

Glen writes as follows: – ‘About springtime and harvest the town pipers were wont to make a tour through their respective districts.

While it is true that two or more Highland pipers playing together ought be of comparable skill and should agree on the settings and style, it is also true that the settings they choose to reproduce and their style of execution are not the end-all.Just remember, whatever happens, keep playing your pipesl 3 ————————- The term classical is a confusing one because it has so many different meanings, but as a label in a musical context it has come to mean that which is not folk, jazz, rock, or other popular music forms.To enthusiasts of Highland culture (and no doubt to the confusion of the Sir Thomas Beecham crowd) the term has come to apply to Piobaireachd, the Highland piping art that is so distinct from other forms of Scottish piping.In many instances they play medleys of tunes based on “standard” settings found in tomes originally produced for the benefit of the Crown’s Highland regiments (if you play for the Queen, it should sound like it! A positive result of this is that Highland pipers the world over “speak” a common language and share a common repertoire.But this is outweighed by the large number of well-garbed clones who are functionally illiterate regarding music, not to mention their ignorance of Scottish culture.

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Their music and tales paid their entertainments, and they were usually gratified with a donation of seed corn.

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