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It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying.

I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned the knob. I slid the car keys on the hanger near the door and headed up to my room, walking past the quiet empty living room and up the stairs.

I cursed silently and decided to head to my room and get dressed there, not that I had much choice.We would fight, play, talk and get on each other's nerves at times, just like all siblings do.16 years have gone by and I was just finishing my first year in college and still living at home with my father, mother and sister.After, I tiredly took off my clothes and threw them in the laundry chute that connects the bathroom to the laundry room situated just beneath it on the bottom floor, quite handy.I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my naked body, examining my biceps and muscular hairless upper body I worked so hard to achieve. It was larger than average and soft with black trimmed pubic hairs surrounding it.

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After washing myself thoroughly I shut off the water and exited the shower reaching for my towel.

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