White boy dating black girl Sextalk chat

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White boy dating black girl

There are more families that look like us, both in real life and on television.

Finally, the ghosts of slavery and all the “isms” that go along with it are being exorcised.

Some would rather concede to “baby momma” status if they can’t get their partner to commit for life, for reasons here too presumptuous of me to assume. Because my twelve-year-old daughter’s father, who is black, outright refused to marry me when I became pregnant in college, despite dangling the marriage carrot in front of my nose for a year prior. His own father has three illegitimate children (that we know of). And still others, like my engineer friend, would rather forfeit marriage and motherhood than ever consider marrying outside their race.

Know this, sisters, Prince Charming comes in all colors.

My mother insisted on it, perhaps as a not-so-subtle reminder to me from where I’ve come.

So with clenched teeth and sweaty palms I took the leap with my white husband, and into world that wasn’t quite black or white, but brushed with of wisps of gray. You join the ranks of odd couples that abdicate their anonymity and risk ridicule.

We continue to transcend together, beyond Jim Crow and the n-word, beyond the fear of ridicule.

Knowing what I do now, I wish I would have told the engineer-slash-sandwich-shop-owner that you just have to snatch love for yourself when it comes knocking, in whatever color or cultural package he’s wrapped in. I really want to do it when my husband and I have what we call our “big wedding”.

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Even from a super young age my taste has been allll over the rainbow, with main celebrity crush examples being Zach on Saved by the Bell AND Slater, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, Brad Pitt, Bad era Michael Jackson, and Will Smith.